Friday, December 21, 2012

The family that games together....

Today I took the day off from job seeking to game with my daughter. She was too sick to go with my wife and mother-i-law when they braved the mall. While we were painting she asked me if we could play Schleich with Rules, her shorthand for wargaming. While I cleaned up the paints, she broke out her collection of fairies, historicals and animals.

They are rules we came up with when the Monkey was old enough to want to play with rules.  As she gets comfortable with new gaming concepts, we add new rules to cover them.  

The dreaded Snot Monkey sets up her forces

Dastardly Daddy already has a casualty
Fighting over the magical poofy flowers, because nobody really likes to share. My pony got there first.

Rolling the scatter dice.

The pony got it. 

Behold the carnage wrought by one fairy child on a pony.  So far I am not doing too well.  The dice gods did not favour me.

Louis XIV comes to my rescue, whomping on the fairy child, but not in time to save the Burgundian Court Lady.  

The Monkey's scatter dice rolls were dead on, reducing my reserve forces to one tiger kitten. Even my catapult was taken out.

Marie Antoinette gets ready to pimp slap Prince Charming.

Finally, the Last Airbender manages to stave off assaults from Marie Antoinette, the Flower Fairy and Jeanne d'Arc, leaving only the Princess with the Fan, who conceded gracefully. As did the monkey.

I have to admit that I was really tickled that my daughter asked me to play and I was really pleased with how she kept track of the rules, even correcting me when I messed up.  It all came down to some lucky dice rolls. 


  1. Ah! looks familiar. Continue to have fun, you two:

    1. Indeed it does. She even asked me to play again a few days ago, beating me pretty handily this time.