Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ne Plus Ultramarine!

I finally got enough time from the hectic schedule of work and family to finish assembling the figs I’ve been working on. I even managed to paint one!

I hemmed and hawed over what chapter colours to use. Space Wolves? Blood Angels? Dark Angels? I decided on the Ultramarines based on an old illustration from my WH40K compendium:

With that image in mind I put brush to fig and began to paint.  At first I was going to skip the undercoat( I know, I know, but I was getting pressed for time), but the ultramarine blue I bought form the art store turned a deep navy when painted over the red polymer clay. However, it was a nice blue when I pained the arms, which were made out of craft foam.  Ok, undercoating it is.  Unfortunately, the acrylics I picked up from our fine local craft store did not really coat worth a dang, even after being shaken like one of 007’s martinis.  Much more like a wash than paint.  That’s what I get for not going with Ceramcoat or artists paints.  My mother-in-law used to repair porcelain and dolls, so she pointed me to her store of older acrylics, which I dug into, finding some white.  It was pretty chalky, but I managed to get in smoothed out. Or so I thought.

Once undercoated, I started with the base coat of blue. I may have rushed things a bit and the undercoat wasn’t quite dry as the white seemed to bleed through. I pressed on and hoped for the best.  I plan on repainting it, but I do like how it turned out, despite the brushstrokes showing. 

I also made some adversaries.  I was trying to make Eldar helmets, intending to use them as the Rogue Trader era Eldar pirates, but I couldn’t get it right, so I went with this shape instead.

It's only  a base coat with no dry brushing, but I like the look of these guys.  Next up is painting the rest and figuring out transport of each squad. I’m also going to head over to the local GW enclave and pick up some sand for the bases and maybe some green stuff to make feet.