Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paint the Droids Red

I found some Star Wars Attacktix Super Battle Droids at the local Goodwill store many months ago.  I had 
intended to use them in the Monkey Skirmish games I've been playing with my daughter, but they 
were too small to look good with Papo size figures.She didn't care, but it bugged me.  
They were too big to use with my Star Wars Unleashed figures, so I stored them away.

Fast forward to a few months ago when I started to get back into collecting and painting mecha.  I'm not picky, I like Battlemechs, Titans, Golems, Robotech Battloids, Gears from Heavy Gear, you name it.   As I was assembling a 1/400th Gundam that I bought on Ebay, my daughter was watching 
"The Clone Wars" on Netflix and wanted to know if I had any "clankers" as the battle droids are 
called on the show.  I remembered the Super Battle Droids in storage and said yes. I needed to see
 if they scaled with my other figures.  
As luck would have it, they were pretty close, if you didn't add in the base, which was pretty tall. 
 They would need some modification, however, as the picture shows below.

I used an Exacto knife to remove them from their bases and to remove the oversized weapon.
  This left me with a bit of a dilemma, because all the droids had left for armament were some small 
blasters, fine for dealing with clones, but fairly paltry compared to even a light mech.
 Luckily there are several purveyors of
 bits on Ebay, and I purchased various weapons.  The ones that looked best, in my opinion were the
 Tau multimeltas.  I used greenstuff to attach them to the arm that held the ginormous missile
 launcher.  Then it was time for painting.  Since these were for my daughter, I consulted her on colors and she went with red.
So here they are, with a Mechwarrior: Dark Age Hatchetman for reference.   

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Joys of Giant Stompy Robots and Other Big Things

I've always been partial to big war machines and giant monsters. Battlemechs, Dreadnaughts, Titans, Warjacks, Godzilla, dragons, golems and all that fun stuff. A few years ago, I sold my miniatures.  I hadn’t gamed in years and I thought they should go to a good home.  Fast forward to present where I miss fiddling around with figures. 

I've been combing through Ebay, picking up old Mechwarrior and Mage Knight figures. I also purchased Samurai Robot Battle Royale and Mighty Monsters from Ganesha Games.  I’ve played A Song of Blades and Heroes, Ganesha’s first game system and liked it.  SRBR is based off the same core rules and the game doesn’t care what miniatures are used, plus allows for a variety of scales. 

So long story short, I painted up a few Mage Knight golems today.  

 A wood golem, which could also be a treeman or forest elemental.

A blade golem, before and after.

 A brass golem.

I have a magestone golem and a steam golem as well. I’m going to repose them because they lean too far forward for my taste.

Staring down, ready to smash a meatsack.

In our European travels, we've picked up various sculpted buildings. I think they’re either TT scale or 15mm scale.  
A treeman in Alsace.

A skirmish in a village north of Arles.

Leonardo shows the Venetian Doge his latest inventions.