Monday, December 3, 2012

My first painted little people or, A Gallic War Band

Today I painted some of the figs I assembled over the weekend.  They are young members of a Gallic war-band. Since they are fairly new to the trade, they haven't amassed enough fame or fortune to have  body armour.

Here's a view from a different angle:
My mother-in-law says they are "darling", but she could just be humoring me because I'm the family cook!

They are wearing simple checked plaid, mostly because according to "Caesar Against the Celts" by Ramon Jimenez, ( )  that's what Gauls wore at the time. Also, by brush skills are not up to something more complicated.  I may add some blue whirls to simulate woad tattoos, but that seems to be more of a Briton fashion statement.

Here's the whole band, pre-paint:
They are made out of a doll clothespin, with the legs sawn off.  I went that route because neither of my local craft stores had people pegs of the right gender and size.  Their arms are popsicle sticks trimmed to fit and the weapons are flat toothpicks.  The bases and shields are heavy cardstock.  I think I'm going to switch to wooden disks for the bases because the more I handled the figs, the mushier the sides of the bases became.

Once I finish painting the young guys, I will paint up some armoured warriors.  Then I have to make some Romans for historical enemies and some Fomorians for fantasy enemies.  

In case you didn't get what I meant by little people, here's a pic of some vintage ones.
Fisher-Price stopped making this peg style sometime in the 80s.


  1. May I suggest as a source for your little people, wooden discs, etc.

    Great first effort. Your hand will steady as you paint more. You might also consider paint markers for things like plaid.

    I switched from wood (craft sticks) to foam sheet for arms, but am starting to switch back to wood, unless I need a complex shape or curve. It takes and holds paint much better.

    Start making a list of Dremel tools that you want for Christmas!


  2. Dale,
    Thanks for the encouragement! I picked up some Sharpie fine point markers. I'm thinking blacklinning might make the colors pop more and I can use the other colors for fine detail work.