Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Joys of Giant Stompy Robots and Other Big Things

I've always been partial to big war machines and giant monsters. Battlemechs, Dreadnaughts, Titans, Warjacks, Godzilla, dragons, golems and all that fun stuff. A few years ago, I sold my miniatures.  I hadn’t gamed in years and I thought they should go to a good home.  Fast forward to present where I miss fiddling around with figures. 

I've been combing through Ebay, picking up old Mechwarrior and Mage Knight figures. I also purchased Samurai Robot Battle Royale and Mighty Monsters from Ganesha Games.  I’ve played A Song of Blades and Heroes, Ganesha’s first game system and liked it.  SRBR is based off the same core rules and the game doesn’t care what miniatures are used, plus allows for a variety of scales. 

So long story short, I painted up a few Mage Knight golems today.  

 A wood golem, which could also be a treeman or forest elemental.

A blade golem, before and after.

 A brass golem.

I have a magestone golem and a steam golem as well. I’m going to repose them because they lean too far forward for my taste.

Staring down, ready to smash a meatsack.

In our European travels, we've picked up various sculpted buildings. I think they’re either TT scale or 15mm scale.  
A treeman in Alsace.

A skirmish in a village north of Arles.

Leonardo shows the Venetian Doge his latest inventions.

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