Thursday, February 28, 2013

Long break from posting

Looking at the dates on my last posts, I realized I've gone nearly two months with no posts!  What happened?  Well, there were the holidays, then a big Society for Creative Anachronism event, improving gear after said event and a large honey do list.

On the Little People front, Santa brought me some of the Star Wars Fighter Pods, like these:
They are just about an inch tall, made of some rubbery stuff and very stylized.  Their size is what piqued my interest.  When I was gaming regularly, I was always on the look out for various plastic containers, caps, bits and bobs that I could use to build vehicles and terrain.  The clothespin based guys are too big for that, plus the plastic products are too industrial to go with them, IMO.  The fighter pods aren't cheap, but they are cheaper than some miniatures.  And being a mass market toy, you might be able to find them at yard sales and thrift stores. Oh, and clearance sales.     

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